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8 Types of Processors on Smartphones

In this day and age, smartphones are not only used as a communication tool but can also be used for work and other needs. The high human needs make a number of smartphone vendors to improve and improve the processor on the smartphone they use.

Each vendor has a different processor, for example Samsung with their own processor called Exynos. Actually the processor does not have a big effect on the smartphone which is only used for communication devices. However, for gamers or those of you who need a smartphone to be used as a working tool it is really needed.

Therefore, we must know the type and quality of a processor. Because a smartphone is the brain of a smartphone. Our smartphone will be drained more if used for very heavy activities.

Now in this article Seo Settings will discuss about the various smartphones that are used on smartphone. Let's see the review below.

Various Processors on Smartphones 

1. MediaTek

The first processor used on smartphones is MediaTek. You think you have heard this chipset often. Yes, because this processor is designed for android devices that are developed by a company called MediaTek.
MediaTek is a million people processor, this is motivated by some smartphone vendors using this processor. Many smartphone vendors who entrust MediaTek to provide processors as power on their devices.
Why is MediaTek so in demand by some smartphone vendors? Because the prices offered are very cheap. As for quality, this MediaTek processor can be said to be pretty good too.
However, many users have complained about smartphones powered by the MediaTek processor. Therefore, now it is rarely the latest smartphone using this processor. However, MediaTek itself continues to make several breakthroughs to keep pace with them. Now they are releasing the latest processor that has brought 64bit architecture.

2. Qualcomm Snapdragon

Snapdragon is an android processor made by Qualcomm. This company has been producing Android processors from Baah class to above with the name Qualcomm Snapdragon.

Currently many smartpohone vendors use this processor from Qualcomm. Just like MediaTek, the price offered is also quite cheap, but smartpohone performance will still be good. Even Snapdragon is often used by high-end smartphones such as Sony, Lumia, Samsung, Xiaomi, Motorola, Lenovo and Asus.

3. PXA

Now if this one processor you might be very foreign. This processor is rarely used on smartphone and tablet devices, so it's only natural that you rarely hear it. This processor is made by a company called Marvell.

One of the advantages possessed by this PXA processor lies in SoC or System on a Chip technology which gives it a lot of advantages. Besides having a good function and performance, this PXA processor is also considered capable of making the smartphone battery last longer.

4. OMAP 

OMAP is a processor produced by Texas Instrument. The advantage possessed by this processor is being able to process and open the site or web display as we open the site through a desktop browser.

OMAP processor is considered to have a user interface that is quite fast and soft. This processor is very suitable to support the quality of the camera on a smartphone and is able to display full HD video quality with very good quality.

5. Nvidia Tegra

If this processor maybe you've heard it often, especially if you are a true gamer. Indeed, this processor was originally issued to support gaming pda PC and laptop devices. But now this processor has also penetrated on Android devices. They issued a processor named Nvidia Tegra which is considered capable of having above-average performance.

Previously, the Nvidia Tegra processor was famous for being supported by a quad core, while its competitors were still fixated on the dual core. This processor has an advantage in terms of visualization, but does not consume too much battery. You real gamers must buy a smartphone with this processor so that it can run smoothly.

6. Exynos

Now for lovers of Samsung smartphones may already be familiar with this one processor. Yes this processor is under the auspices of Samsung Electronics, so it is devoted to smartphones and tablets. This Exynos processor is produced on the basis of System on a Chip (SOC).

Exyno is marketed in various types, where each type has different advantages and performance specifications. For Exynos processors the initial output may not be able to match the others, but now Samsung has made a superior rpduk in the field of gaming and multitasking. So now it is very suitable to play games and open many applications while playing games.

7. Apple Chipset

The next processor that is no less competitive is Apple that is used on their artificial smartphone, the iPhone. The iPhone is powered by a homemade processor that can amaze everyone who has tried it.

Although the average smartphone carries dual-core technology, but the performance of the processor is supported by a different architecture than the processor in general. It's natural that the iPhone is supported by a high processor capability because it includes a high-class smartphone (High-End).

8. Intel

Intel is also no less competitive in the processor market for smartphone devices. They issued a smartphone with the Intel Atom series. In the past, this processor is widely used on Asus Zenfone smartphones.

For gaming and multitasking issues it's pretty good, but the battery consumption of this smartphone is quite drained. Then the smartphone will heat up quickly if done forcibly, for example playing games.

That's the 8 processors guys who are often used on smartphones. All processors have their advantages and disadvantages of each. You can feel for yourself how the smartphone that you will buy in the store with a processor embedded in it.


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