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Differences in Google Adsense Hosted Non Hosted Accounts

Seo Blogger - What is the difference between Google Adsense Hosted and Non Hosted Accounts actually ?? Questions like this are widely discussed in internet marketing forums and the Google Adsense forum both on Facebook and on Google Plus. Google adsense is the most appropriate means to get income online, namely as a publisher of google adsense. display google ads on our YouTube video channel or blog page.
Did you know if there are two types of Google Adsense accounts, each has the same function, only the difference lies in which sites can display ads from Google Adsense. Now let us discuss a little about the Difference between Google Adsense Hosted and Non Hosted Accounts.

Google Adsense Account Hosted

  1. Google Adsense Hosted registration can be via Youtube and Blogspot.
  2. If the Hosted account registration via youtube is only one time review and is easier to accept provided the video content complies with Google Adsense program policies.
  3. if the account registration is hosted through a blog, it will pass 2 times the review. The first is usually the advertising stage, the second is the content review stage.
  4. Hosted Adsense ads can only be displayed on Youtube and Blogspot.
  5. Hosted Adsense ads can be displayed on more than one Youtube account and more than one Blogspot account. 
Hosted Adsense ads cannot be displayed on Top Level Domain (TLD) blogs, such as .com, .net, .org, .web.id, .info, and so on.

Non Hosted Google Adsense Account

1. Registration of Non Hosted account through blogs with Top Level Domain, for example .com, .net, .org, .web.id, .info and others.
2. Registration for a Non Hosted Adsense account is more difficult because it will pass 2 times of review, first ad placement, and the second review determinations accepted or rejected. For this second point is actually almost the same at the Google AdSense account hosted through a blog.
3. Non Hosted Adsense ads can be displayed on Youtube, Blogspot, and blogs with a Top Level Domain (TLD).

Now that is the difference between adsense accounts hosted and non-hosted. Hopefully blogger friends and YouTuber can understand more.

Please, if you are going to discuss the differences between Google Adsense Hosted or Non Hosted Accounts, you can use the comments below so that they are more organized and easy to find for other blog visitors or new readers.


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