Monday, July 20, 2020

Tips on how to pay every month from Google Adsense

Tips on how to pay every month from Google Adsense
July 20, 2020
Seo Blogger Tricks How to Pay Every Month with Cancel or Close a Google Adsense Youtube Account you can practice if you already feel bored playing youtube but never PO alias payday. Well, actually there are tricks so that we can pay every month from google adsense the way is to Cancel or Close the Google Adsense Account that we have even though our balance has not reached the threshold of 1.3 million or 100 dollars
The incident started from trial and error in Google Adsense, I only had a balance of 200k - 1000k, I wanted to advance so that I could not get up to 1.3 million due to being banned. From there, there was an intention to cancel my adsense account and as a result, I was paid directly not less than 2x24 hours.

The important thing is that our google adsense account has verified the pin and don't forget before it is plugged off first, all the youtube channels that are still linked to AdSense so that one day it can be linked (connected) with new adsense.
before being canceled / cancel account change first to Indonesian so it is easier to understand step by step the steps to cancel the google adsense account.

In my experience, for example, today we cancel an AdSense account, usually tomorrow morning / afternoon the money has reached the account (if we use the bank account payment method). If not, we will get an email notification via email and given MTCN (if the payment method is via Western Union / WU).

In the past, I initially didn't believe that canceling an account could be paid, but apparently I canceled the account within 1x24 hours but the news that we wanted had reached my account.

This is the secret to the SALARY per month from Google Adsense !!

With the cancel account trick or close the adsense account, every balance in google adsense is above 130 thousand, you just need to use the open and close system, so you can get payday each month if the balance is more than 130 thousand.

And the trick that I have used so far is safe just as described above, cancel the account, as long as I've verified the pin and bank account.

But it must be remembered that not all Google Adsense accounts have a cancel account button, and not all GA accounts have been canceled when the balance has entered into our account, there is an option to restore the account when logging into AdSense again.

so, if you have canceled and the balance has entered into the account, then there is a restore account / re-active option, then you will be asked to verify your bank account again. Remember that youtubers friends because the risk is borne by the player, hehehe ...

And for the steps on how to cancel your account or close your google adsense account, the method is as follows (with the condition that your adsense account has not been banned):
  1. Enter / Login to the google adsense account
  2. click settings
  3. Click account information
  4. click cancel
That's the Trick to Pay Salary Every Month with a Cancel or Close Google Adsense Account which hopefully can be understood and practiced by you so that every month you can pay. Thus hopefully useful. Congratulations SALARY yeahaahhhh .... cieeeeeee
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