HTML Dictonary

To give a description. 
The sentence stored in the container will not be visible to the browser
Defines document type information
Identifying an anchor, or to link between HTML documents with other HTML documents
To describe one short phrase and can be used to provide useful information to page source explorers (page source code) or screen readers. When in the browser, the description will not appear but only for information
To identify acronyms, this function is more or less the same as tags <abbr>
Identifies contact information for the author or document owner
To insert a java file into an HTML document
<area />
To identify areas that can be clicked (link) on the image map
To make text bold
<base />
To define the base / target URL for all relative URLs in the document
<basefont />
Create default text attributes. Such as color, size, font type for all text in the document
To override text directions
To increase the text size so that it can be as large as one point from the default size
To make the text blink
To define a long quote. And when in the browser, the text will appear indented
Defines the body or content of an HTML document, and functions to determine how the contents of a document are displayed in a web browser. The contents of the document can be in the form of text, images, animas, links, and so on
<br />
Used to give new rows
To identify a button to click (create a button)
To create a caption on the table
To level the center of an object (text or image)
To identify a quote
To define a piece of computer code
<col />
To define attribute values of one or more columns in a table
Specifies groups of one or more columns in a table for performance
Defines a description of the item in the definition list
To provide a line in the middle of text or cross text
Defines a definition term
Defines a directory listing
Defines a section in the document
Defines a definition list
Defines a term (item) in the definition list
Make the text italic. The function of this tag is the same as the <i> tag but the <em> tag is more recommended / emphasized in use for HTML italic text
Used to insert video files or music files
To group related elements in the form / create like boxes in the form
Defines the font type, color and size for text
Defines an HTML form for form input
<frame />
To define frames in the frameset
To define a set of frames
<h1> to <h6>
Used to indicate the beginning of a header / title of the HTML document. The size of the font from h1 to h2 is incremental, from large to small
Used to provide information about the document
<hr />
To make a horizontal line
To define the root of an HTML document
To make the text italic
To define an inline frame
<img />
Works to display images in HTML documents
<input />
Defines the input field on the form
Make text underlined
Defines text that is input from the keyboard
Defines a label for an element <input>
Defines a caption for the element <fieldset>
Used to display information in the form of list items
<link />
Defines the relationship between the document and its external sources
The function of this tag is the same as the <pre> tag and it is recommended to use the <pre> tag because the <listing> tag is not feasible / protested
Defines a client-side map image
Make text run vertically or horizontally
Defines a menu list
<meta />
Defines metadata about an HTML document
Prevents line breaks in text or images
If the user's browser does not support frames
If the user's browser does not support client-side scripts
put embed an object
Defines a list in a numbering format
Displays several grouped options in the form of a drop-down list
Displays several options shaped in a drop-down list
Create a paragraph
<param />
Defines a parameter for the object
Create text with the same font size
Defines a short quote
To center the text / cross text,
the function of this tag is the same as the <del> tag but the <s> tag is not recommended instead using the <del> tag
Defines sample output from a computer program
Mendefinisikan client-side script
Create a drop-down list
Decreases the text size from its default size
Defines a section in the document
To center the text / cross text,
the function of this tag is the same as the <del> tag
Creating bold text, this tag function is the same as the <b> tag
Defines style information for HTML documents
Provides subscript effect on text
Provides a superscript effect on text
To create a table
To group the contents of the body in a table
Defines cells in a table
Defines a multiline input control
To group the footer contents in a table
Defines a header cell in a table
To group header contents in a table
Create a title for the HTML document
Create rows in a table
Defines teletype text
Make text underlined, this tag function is the same as
<ins> tags but <u> tags are not recommended for HTML categories
text formatting but is included in the HTML Style category
Defines a list in bullet format
Defines a variable
Defining preformatted text, this tag functions the same as the <pre> tag
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